Paul Rimmer – Liverpool


Dear Voter

I love our City & our Country and I want both to prosper. I am a Christian. My family have lived on the banks of the Mersey for many generations. I grew up in Croxteth and studied politics at Cambridge. After working in the City I raised my family in Toxteth. Liverpool is in my blood and I want to present its positive side to the whole world. The worldwide love for Liverpool is our greatest asset.

As Mayor I will deliver lower council taxes, better road repairs and more homes for local people. I will bring new prosperity to give all Scousers the better opportunities they deserve. Many are unemployed or earn less than the living wage. We need ‘Local Jobs for Local People!’ to prioritise work and increase the wages of all. I promise to fulfil the calls by the Workers of England Union ( for ‘Local Jobs for Local People!’ (

‘Local Jobs for Local People’ will improve all our working lives. Be assured City contracts will be given to companies that recruit from local communities first and not to companies that hire cheap foreign labour.

Paul Rimmer

Local Jobs for Local People

Putting Liverpool FIRST!


Vote for Paul and the English Democrats


I Guarantee that I Oppose Uncontrolled Immigration

Uncontrolled mass immigration has created an appalling housing shortage. Scousers should be given first preference on Liverpool’s housing lists.


I Will Ensure that Your Taxes are Not Wasted

If funding was fair for Liverpool then community centres, hospital departments and council services would not be closing. I want to cut local tax, stop selling our green spaces and end parking charges.


Protect Liverpool, Protect England

The EU wants to break England up. It’s England or the EU!

Stop the EU breaking up England. I am campaigning to leave the EU.


Make Jerusalem the English National Anthem

I pledge to ensure that we can sing the English National anthem at events. This video at and the Government e-petition 119904 highlights why the current situation is ridiculous.


Make St George’s Day an English Bank Holiday

Liverpool only has 8 public holidays a year. I pledge with the Royal Society of St George and to make St George’s Day in Liverpool an English festival where we can all celebrate together!


Restore the August Beatles Festival to all its Glory

Up and down the country Cities promote their culture and heritage, helping to promote local businesses, helping the local economy and helping to create local jobs.


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