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English Democrats Newsletter

Dear Friend, The continuing attempt of the heavenly Westminster trio to understand the North of England and its needs is looking more and more like a train crash in progress. In this issue of our newsletter we have articles on:HSR-F (High Speed Rail Freight) not HS2!(a real plan to connect the North);Key Issues from Kevin […]

Scots To Demand Cash For English Services

 By James Kirkup, Political Editor, The Sunday Telegraph Published – 09 Mar 2014 English taxpayers would have to make a cash payment to an independent Scotland to secure ownership of public assets like schools and hospitals, Scotland’s nationalist-led government has declared. The claim emerged in a parliamentary submission from the Scottish government last week, which […]

Relative Poverty In The UK Unacceptable

The UK is the world’s six largest economy, yet recent government statistics show that as many as 1 in 5 of the UK population live below our official ‘relative’ poverty line. But what is relative poverty? Certainly, some would argue that only a number third world countries would understand the true nature of poverty. However, […]