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The English Democrats delightedly welcome the result of the EU referendum as the majority of the People across the whole of the United Kingdom have democratically voted for the sensible option of leaving the EU.  We especially welcome the result in England. In England the turnout was 73%, the highest of the 4 countries in UK and England has voted by 53.4% to leave the EU.

It is now incumbent upon David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, to activate Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to begin the process of disengagement from the EU.  If, despite the result of the EU referendum, he is not prepared to do so then he should resign forthwith and not wait until October.

The important thing is that the democratic vote of the People should be honoured without reservation.

The English Democrats now call for those parts of the United Kingdom, namely Scotland and Northern Ireland whom have voted to Remain to have the democratic Will of that Nation and Province also honoured.

Under the current uneven Devolution arrangements the UK’s membership of the EU is a ‘reserved matter’ which means that has to be decided by Government of the United Kingdom, not by the devolved assemblies or parliaments.

The English Democrats support the right of the Nation and Province which voted to Remain to do so.  We therefore call upon the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to not only to activate Article 50, but to negotiate to enable the Remain voting Nation and Province to Remain within the EU whilst England and Wales leaves.

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said:-  “I am delighted with the result of the EU referendum vote but concerned that David Cameron and his clique will now try to subvert the democratically expressed Will of the English People and of the Welsh People.”

Robin continued:- “As a democrat I am also calling for the democratic Will of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Peoples be fully honoured without reservation and that their Will to Leave or to Remain should be honoured.”

“For the English Democrats it is very clear that the United Kingdom is now dead. It is no longer possible to argue that Britain speaks with one voice. We will work to ensure that the will of the people of England is carried out. We believe in England not Britain.”

Robin Tilbrook


English Democrats

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EngLeave.eu – watch “Brexit the Movie” to get England out of the European Union !

EngLeave.eu – watch “Brexit the Movie” to get England out of the European Union !


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Results for contested elections in Liverpool

Liverpool Mayoral Election 2016

Whole District – results
Election Candidate Party Votes %
Joe Anderson, OBE Labour Party 51332 52.61% Elected
Richard Kemp, CBE Liberal Democrat 20598 21.11% Not elected
Thomas Crone Green Party 10609 10.87% Not elected
Roger Bannister Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 4950 5.07% Not elected
Alan Hutchinson Independent 3964 4.06% Not elected
Tony Caldeira Conservative Party 3533 3.62% Not elected
Paul Duane Rimmer English Democrats “Putting England First” 2590 2.65% Not elected

Liverpool Council Elections 2016

Warbreck – results
Election Candidate Party Votes %
 Richard Michael McLinden Labour Party 2166 70.32% Elected
 Richard John Roberts Liberal Democrat 435 14.12% Not elected
 Jean Hill Green Party 197 6.40% Not elected
 Steven McEllenborough English Democrats “Putting England First” 127 4.12% Not elected
 David Lowe Conservative Party 81 2.63% Not elected
 George Blacklock Roberts Liberal Party 74 2.40% Not elected


St Michaels – results
Election Candidate Party Votes %
 Sarah Isabel Jennings Green Party 2187 62.02% Elected
 Steve Fitzsimmons Labour Party 1023 29.01% Not elected
 Thomas Sebire Liberal Democrat 139 3.94% Not elected
 Dave Patmore Conservative Party 74 2.10% Not elected
 Paul Duane Rimmer English Democrats “Putting England First” 53 1.50% Not elected
 Elise Kathryn Khan Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 50 1.42% Not elected


Riverside – results
Election Candidate Party Votes %
 Steve Munby Labour Party 2606 76.60% Elected
 Hannah Walkom Green Party 365 10.73% Not elected
 Anna McCracken Liberal Democrat 200 5.88% Not elected
 Giselle McDonald Conservative Party 121 3.56% Not elected
 Michael John Lane English Democrats “Putting England First” 110 3.23% Not elected





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Paul Rimmer on the forthcoming Mayoral Elections in Liverpool

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English Democrats – England’s National Party

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Do the SNP really want Scottish Independence ?

Do the SNP really want Scottish Independence ?

Do the SNP really want Scottish Independence

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The racist voice of Jeremy Corbyn

Article by

Mr Eddie Bone, Campaign Director for the Campaign for an English Parliament.

The Campaign for English Parliament attended the ‘Jeremy Corbyn for Leader’ event that was held in Ealing on the 17th August 2015.

As the Campaign Director of the Campaign for an English Parliament we asked a question during the question and answer section, after Jeremy Corbyn’s main speech. We asked if he would establish an English Labour Party. His reply was direct and dismissive as he stated ‘he didn’t support an English Labour Party as he didn’t see the need for it’. We thought it showed a lack of insight into the complex concerns being expressed by many Labour supporters, so we attempted to highlight the clear differences in policies between the nations of the UK, (Tuition fees).

After the event we attempted to speak with Jeremy Corbyn so that he could clarify why he talked about equality and fairness for all yet didn’t appear concerned about England and the English.

Please read the following transcript to see his appalling reply to English concern  (I have highlighted the main point that completely surprised me)

Jeremy Corbyn Ealing Town Hall 17/08/15 (after the main event)


Eddie: This isn’t right, it isn’t right when actually now listen your blocking me away completely is that the way you treat, is that the way you treat the you treat the English this way, your pushing me away

Jeremy: Now hang on, hang on, hang on

Eddie: I just have a question to be answered

Jeremy: There are English regions which have regional labour parties, as does Scotland and Wales and there is the Labour party the membership decide

Eddie: So you’re happy to see them broken up into regions

Jeremy: There has never been a collective voice for England

Eddie: Of course there’s a collective voice for England, were a thousand year old nation, we have a right just as Scotland and Wales to our own parliament to our own government

Jeremy: Well I not in favour of an English parliament, I’m in favour of English regions ??

Tragically for the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn appeared not to grasp what the Conservatives were able to grasp during the general election. Admittedly it took an Australian spin doctor, Lynton Crosby to eventually help the Conservatives see the advantage of playing the English nationalist card. But it did help them ‘above all expectations’ to win a majority. It also helped ‘Northern UKIP’ to block Labour’s ability to challenge the Conservatives as well.

Eddie Bone, Campaign for an English Parliament stated “I was appalled to see and hear a potential Labour Leader, show such a lack of basic knowledge of English history. Jeremy Corbyn’s blinked ignorance will play into the Conservatives, UKIP and English nationalists hands over and over again during the next 5 years. His contemptuous and heavy handed approach will not only just succeed in offending the English but will also strengthen the Scottish nationalist as well. By calling Scotland a ‘Region’ he stuck two fingers up to the new Scottish Labour leader. How will she be able to make the Scottish Labour party more distinctive if a new British Labour leader is still in denial about the growth of Scottish nationalism?”

He continued “Labour will potentially face extinction if Jeremy Corbyn becomes the next Labour leader because he has failed to understand that many Labour supporters in England see themselves as English and want their own voice which means establishing an English Labour Party”


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In the General Election, as I told Russia Today in this interview click here >>>

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzrCSDkjIac&feature=youtu.be, I think UKIP missed their historic opportunity.

UKIP’s leadership should have known, from the work of Professors Matthew Goodwin and Rob Ford, in their book “Revolt on the Right”, that UKIP’s best opportunity was to move into being English Nationalists.

I had always thought that, as a result of my discussions with Nigel Farage and other leaders within UKIP, that in fact UKIP would never go for this, as their leadership are too much focussed on being an old fashioned British nationalist party.

I have of course been saying this to anyone that would listen within the system, including some influential people within the Conservative Party. I don’t think that it is any coincidence that the Conservatives had spotted that UKIP’s leaders unwillingness to commit to English nationalism was a potentially serious weakness in UKIP’s position.

In the run up to the General Election the Conservatives had begun to make noises that would please less critical English nationalists, such as commitment to English votes for English laws and Cameron’s comments immediately after the Scottish referendum, they had not gone as far as agreeing to have an England specific manifesto, despite the obvious need for such a specific manifesto in a partially devolved “United” Kingdom. What however did happen was they waited to see what UKIP would do.

In the event UKIP opened themselves up to being triangulated (in the Blairite language i.e. outmanoeuvred) on the English nationalist flank by the mistakes of launching a British manifesto with very few mentions of England in it and then they compounded this mistake by launching a Scotland specific manifesto and a Welsh specific manifesto and a Northern Irish specific manifesto, but none specifically for England.

Once UKIP had done this the Conservatives came out with their specifically English manifesto. Although this was a fairly thin piece of work and its detail would not satisfy committed English nationalists, it wasn’t aimed at us, it was aimed at ordinary English people who are feeling increasingly left out of the devolutionist way in which the United Kingdom is going.

Anecdotally I can say from talking to quite a lot of people it worked brilliantly. One of the best examples being a sub-post master living locally where I live in Essex, who told me that although he and his family were long term trade unionists and Labour voters, even he in the end couldn’t bring himself to vote for Labour and for the first time ever he voted Conservative in order to keep the SNP from having a decisive say over England and being able to get Scotland even more favourable treatment than it has already!

As English nationalists we must of course hope that the habit of voting along national lines will grow!

I do think Scotland’s history suggests it will. After all it was Labour that was riding the Scottish nationalist lion in the 1980s as a way of undermining the Conservatives there. Once people got into the habit of voting along national lines they were far more open to voting for a specifically Scottish nationalist party!

Robin Tilbrook
English Democrats
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I notice that in the last few days we have had a number of articles from the Europhiliac media, like the Times Leader on Tuesday May 19th, talking up the prospect of having the In/Out Referendum next year, probably next May.The noteworthy fact is that it is the Europhiliacs in the Conservative Party who generally want to get it over with quickly rather than many of their more Eurosceptic voices. The Eurosceptics want the referendum in 2017. This set me to thinking why that would be? I also started to consider how the referendum would be conducted.

The Eurosceptic argument for having the referendum in 2017 was to allow David Cameron a full and reasonable opportunity to negotiate repatriation of powers to Westminster. Thus if nothing sensible is offered Eurosceptics will be able to prove that the EU is un-reformable and thus we are better off out.

In the meanwhile, however, of course various voices within the EU, including Angela Merkel and the President of the EU Commission, Jean Claude Junker, have made it clear that there will be no meaningful negotiation with substantial powers being returned. In these circumstances it is easy to understand why Europhiliacs would want to get the referendum over with as quickly as possible before voters can start to build-up resentment that so little is being offered, which, of course, would help in building a head of steam for British exit from the EU (“BREXIT”).

Then of course there is the serious question of what version of the electorate will be given the entitlement to vote in the referendum. I notice that some, particularly Labour and SNP voices, are currently saying that 16 year olds should be allowed to vote, who of course have had the “benefit” of 10 years of Europhile propaganda, at public expense in their schools and are therefore thought to be likely to mostly vote in favour of staying in.

There is however the wider question of whether the electorate will be restricted to just British citizens or the General Election franchise which includes Irish citizens as well and various other categories, including some Commonwealth voters. Particularly and rather more alarmingly whether it will be the local government franchise which would include all those EU citizens who have registered on the electoral roll. If the millions of EU citizens resident in the “United” Kingdom are permitted to vote then that will make it much more unlikely that the vote will be in favour of “BREXIT”. The franchise will therefore be a crucial battleground. David Cameron appears to have indicated recently that he has conceded the Eurosceptic demand for the franchise to the General Election one but we all need to check the Bill’s wording on this when it is published.

Then there is the question of how the EU referendum itself will be conducted. Perhaps the model to consider is the referendum organised by John Prescott when he was Deputy Prime Minister. This was when Prescott hoped to start the process of breaking up England by getting a democratic mandate to separate the artificially created “Region” of the North-East. Labour had recently gerrymandered this “Region” to give itself a permanent majority (N.B. John Major’s original “Northern Region” gave the Conservatives an impregnable majority by including Cumbria).

It is worth remembering that in that referendum the preamble to the question which was put on every ballot paper miss-stated as fact a number of inaccuracies and misleading claims designed to encourage people to vote in favour. There was widespread protest, including even the usually useless Electoral Commission, but nevertheless that wording was included in the Act which meant that it had to be on the ballot paper by law. The question itself was somewhat loaded as well in favour of a Yes vote, all of which gave Labour, it thought, the best chance of winning that referendum.

If loading the question and misleading the voter wasn’t enough then they also thought that they wanted to make the referendum a conquest between North-Easterners and Tory “toffs”. So even though Neil Heron, the metric martyr, had got a highly successful No campaign going and was undoubtedly almost single handedly the principal reason why the result was a No vote, nevertheless Labour manipulated the setting up appointment of a No campaign so that a Tory millionaire businessman, John Elliott, was put in charge of it.

I notice on Twitter and Facebook that some over excitable UKIPers seem to think the pro-BREXIT campaign might be led by them with Nigel Farage. I would be very surprised if that was the case. I think it is much more likely that Cameron will engineer it so that it is led by a Labour figure. By doing this he will aim to split Labour on the issue and make it as repellent as possible for Conservative loyalists to vote in favour of BREXIT.

The most credible leader from the Labour side of the BREXIT campaign would be Frank Field. For that reason I think he will be excluded and the appointee will be a less credible Labour figure but one who has at least some Eurosceptic credentials. Would you like to speculate on who that person will be?

I suspect also that the time period given for the referendum will be short so that the BREXIT campaign cannot really get going and the amount awarded to the Yes and No campaigns will be kept to the statutory minimum with the smallest permitted ceiling on spending by third parties. This will allow the Europhile media to have the maximum influence possible.

The leading media organisation in trying to influence the public to vote to remain in the EU will of course be that media outlet which has by far the largest and most dominant market share of all in our media, this is of course the, partly EU funded, BBC. It doesn’t require any imagination to guess which result the BBC will be supporting!

However event though the cards will most likely be stacked as heavily as possible against a Yes to BREXIT result that should not lead us to total despair. In the North-East referendum 79% voted to reject the break-up of England despite all the cards being stacked against that result. Despite also the BBC’s efforts on behalf of the Labour Party in the recent General Election, we now know that many of our fellow citizens weren’t taken in. The big question is whether that will happen again this time. What do you think?

by Robin Tilbrook – English Democrats Chairman
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Let’s give this shyster a shiner


after Government finally acts against Left-wing law firms making ‘war crimes’ allegations against blameless British troops

Hallelujah! Finally, the Government is retaliating against Left-wing law firms who make vexatious allegations of ‘war crimes’ against blameless British troops.

This column has argued for years that the lawyers involved should be forced to pay the full costs of the unsuccessful cases they bring against members of the Armed Forces.

Now the Ministry of Defence has decided to do exactly that. On the orders of the Prime Minister, it is preparing to sue Birmingham-based Public Interest Lawyers (PIL) for millions of pounds and seeking to have its founder, Phil Shiner, struck off.

As regular readers may recall, for the past dozen years self-proclaimed socialist Shiner has made a fat living pursuing allegations of abuse by British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. His representatives have been greedily drumming up business in the backstreets of Basra and beyond, all funded out of the legal aid budget.

It is estimated that PIL has been paid more than £3 million by British taxpayers in relation to claims which have subsequently been proved to be false.

The MoD says that Shiner’s outfit and another firm, Leigh Day, deliberately misled a public inquiry into alleged atrocities in Iraq.

Last December, the inquiry concluded that all the claims of murder and torture against our troops were ‘wholly without foundation’ and ‘entirely the product of deliberate lies, reckless speculation and ingrained hostility’ from the Iraqi witnesses.

The five-year investigation, which cost £31 million, also ruled that the men who had allegedly been mistreated were not innocent farmers, as their lawyers had maintained, but enemy fighters who were killed or captured in a ferocious firefight known as the Battle of Danny Boy.

Probe: The men who had allegedly been mistreated were not innocent farmers, as their lawyers had said, but enemy fighters who were killed or captured in a ferocious firefight known as the Battle of Danny Boy (above)

Probe: The men who had allegedly been mistreated were not innocent farmers, as their lawyers had said, but enemy fighters who were killed or captured in a ferocious firefight known as the Battle of Danny Boy (above)

Furthermore, the MoD says that PIL had known the claims were untrue for at least a year but didn’t inform the inquiry chairman until the final day’s evidence was being taken.

Failure to withdraw the accusations had led to more than 100 additional witnesses being interviewed unnecessarily, at a cost of £780,000.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2976731/Let-s-shyster-shiner-says-RICHARD-LITTLEJOHN.html#ixzz3TKLXWEF3
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